I make paintings and sculpture. I am motivated by concurrent emotions brought about by the modern phenomena of hyper awareness surrounding personal, local and global realities. Exposure to urgent and consequential information is increasingly frequent as the trivial moments in personal lives are to be idealized as if in constant, utopic states even when it comes to struggle. Conflicting emotion is compounding while society allows less and less space, both physical and emotional, for outlet.

My paintings are a choreographed network of shape, line and color that collect into rhythmic webs to create an image that stimulates, overwhelms and satisfies. Resulting in an abundant network of color and mark, they are intensely layered and though painstakingly placed, are difficult to make sense of. They invoke the expansion and collapse of space and time. Marks are derived from the movement, rhythm and rotation of the body. Underscoring organic movement is a vague grid. The paintings are a battle of structure, the breaking out of structure and the liberation of structure.

Paintings serve as the settings of sculpture which, set on a human scale, become the inhabitants of unsettled landscapes. Part ceramic, part wood, often precarious, they reveal the result of journey.